The joy of noticing the good in every day

The joy of noticing the good in every day. How often are you happy? How many times a day? And is it every day? Does happiness depend on how you look at what is happening? Is it possible to find it in hundreds of simple daily coincidences? Or does it pamper you with its presence only occasionally and on the most special days? On this gloomy morning, my soul is dusty, my mood is nowhere. I ask myself, where is the joy in this chaotic world?

And then the memories came to mind – that’s what joy is. It’s about small moments of everyday happiness, very simple, sometimes unpretentious, those that quickly fade from memory.

In short, about everything that you sometimes forget to see and appreciate properly.

The joy in every day the good

Smile at your loved ones in the morning, at the security guard in the shopping centre, and at the barista in the cafe. You’ll see how much sunnier your day will be, because it’s so obvious and so simple, but sometimes it’s so hard not to let yourself forget.

The joy in every day

To lure it, you need to surround yourself with everything with a plus sign: beautiful things, major music, good people and your favourite animals

Enjoy your small victories. Sometimes we complain: “Is this success? It’s nothing. Look at the achievements of others!” Never devalue your own successes, otherwise they will stop coming to you!

On the contrary, give yourself praise even for a small thing you’ve done in good faith. And reward yourself with a gift. Psychologists advise putting this gift in a prominent place – like a victory cup. Then there is an incentive to achieve success again.

A short holiday outside the metropolis will fill you with healing energy. Walk barefoot on the grass, touch the bark of a tree, breathe in the resinous smell of the forest, listen to the sound of the river and the chirping of birds, and in winter, listen to the crunch of snow under your feet…

Even a walk in the park will help you relieve accumulated fatigue and aggression, release your internal reserves – physical, intellectual, creative, emotional – and you will start spending your energy in the right direction again.

It is easy to find signs of success in your life. It only seems that there is no reason to be happy, but in fact you are a chosen one and you are already lucky: you have a roof over your head, you are not hungry and you are free to make your own choices in life.

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