Psychological test: which of these images does not represent a real family?

Psychological test. Did you know that relationships with others are as important to your physical health as diet and exercise? Our first social relationships begin with our family in childhood and often shape the way we see the world. Today, we invite you to take this test to find out how your first social relationships may have shaped your personality.

Look carefully at the pictures below. Which of these three families do you think is fake? Don’t think about it too long, just trust your instincts. Once you’ve made your choice, scroll down to make sure you’ve made the right decision and learn a little more about yourself in the process.

Psychological test real family

Family number 1

If your answer is #1, you are probably not very family-oriented, at least in the traditional sense of the word. You consider your friends to be your real family, and helping them makes you happy. You often try to bring something good into other people’s lives. Perhaps you grew up without a strong father, so you always try to be there for people who need you, like your mother.

This family may not be the happiest of the three, but it is real. The mother takes care of her son, holding his hand, protecting him from his father who seems indifferent. You don’t want others to grow up like you, so you chose this family as fake.

Family number 2

If your answer is #2, then you are very family-oriented and nothing is more important to you. You believe in stable, long-term relationships based on trust and commitment. You put the needs of your loved ones first, sometimes even ignoring your own desires if you can make your loved ones happy.

You have probably noticed that the people in this photo do not look like a family. The adults are not paying attention to the child, and the child is not trying to hold their hands. It could be just a group of strangers walking together. You, as a real family man, knew perfectly well which of them was fake.

Family number 3

If your answer is 3, you probably come from a dysfunctional family. As a result of a traumatic childhood, you have difficulty trusting other people. Interacting with other people causes you anxiety, in fact, it is a real challenge for you. You constantly worry about the future and tend to overthink everything.

The people in this image look like a happy, loving family. They represent a true union. The parents are almost hugging as they walk, and the father is holding the child’s hand. Growing up in a dysfunctional family has shaped your worldview in such a way that you find healthy relationships suspect. You do not believe that such a thing can exist in reality, so you have chosen this family as a fake one.

So, did you find out which one was not your real family? Does the description of your personality match you? Share this test with the people around you!” –🧡

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