Light of Love Laa Kea Creative Meditation

Light of Love Laa Kea Creative Meditation. Do you feel that the world is a place of pain and suffering, where things are getting worse every year in a spiral of destruction and hatred? Do you feel that your life is full of inconveniences and obstacles that you don’t deserve and that keep you away from the joy you have the right to experience every day? The Hawaiian practice that I offer is based on the assumption of the parallelism between Light and Love. And it is a process based on the ability of a person to consciously “feel Love” and the creative power of this.

Love Laa Kea Creative Meditation

Everything we come into contact with affects the quality of our personal experience. The spirit of Love, Aloha, is a practical guide for using this powerful tool. Aloha is Love without boundaries, Love from and to infinity.

Why this meditation is a useful creative tool for managing the manifestation of reality

It is pure Light emanating from Spirit, which is amplified by the awareness of divinity within. The more one focuses on one’s own spiritual greatness, on one’s own Being of Love, the more this Light expands and manifests, infecting everything with which one comes into contact.

Expressing the intention to observe and potentially see the Light of Love present even in what seems impossible for us to be in, leads to the Light of Love, which is the Essence, expanding and becoming visible, tangible, experienced in materiality.

The Light expanding in this way also carries its information into the darkness, which is nothing but potential Light. When the information of Light/Love reaches the darkness, it illuminates it, transforming our reality.

For the Hawaiians, Laa Kea means “Sacred Light of Love”, which radiates from the essence towards the materialisation of the essence itself. Awareness of this increases its radiating power.

When a person realises his spiritual greatness, remembering the presence of Light within him, he expands and materialises it in his entire reality.

According to Hawaiian beliefs, the feeling that someone is “stealing our energy” is only our perception.

When we feel disenfranchised, no one has actually taken anything away from us. First of all, it was we ourselves who allowed someone to make us feel that way. But in reality, nothing has been taken away from us. It is always we ourselves who have lowered our vibration and are no longer aware of our Beingness.

All of this stems from the obvious realisation that everything is energy, we are energy, and therefore the latter cannot be given or taken away, but only perceived in different intensities and qualities.

  • The light of Laa Kea exists and comes from our imagination, which creates, and from our intention, which realises.
  • Laa Kea’s light extends outwards and can be directed to wherever we direct our attention
  • The light of Laa Kea will always follow our directions because its expansion comes from our intention
How to use the Sacred Light of La'a kea

  • In the morning, as soon as we wake up, we “turn on the light” with the intention of spreading Laa Kea in the room we are in, inviting him to balance the energy of the room by saying: “Harmonise this place.
  • We use Laa Kea throughout the day with people and situations that we perceive as disharmonious, simply by expressing the intention to balance them, saying: “Harmonise my relationship with this person”, “Harmonise my perception of the situation”!
  • When we experience discomfort, suffering or even physical pain, we use La’a Kea to reharmonise ourselves by saying, “Harmonise my energies”!
  • When we are in conflict with someone, we enlighten ourselves and them with Laa Kea, saying: “Harmonise the energies between us”!
  • When we feel like we want to protect someone or something from the negativity we are attracting, we use Laa Kea by saying, “Harmonise this person or place”!
  • To collaborate in reharmonising (healing) yourself or someone else, always keeping yourself free of expectations.

When you decide to do this, whether you do it completely first, with audio, with a guide or on your own, you only need to say “I turn on the Light” and you are already in a state where you can consciously construct your film.

We have forgotten who we are, and so we accept the world’s underestimation and convince ourselves of it. An underestimation generated by the world, which is always our reflection, and therefore it is we who always underestimate ourselves, who blame ourselves.

The concept of free will is very important! Sometimes it is not always possible to immediately understand what our higher self is offering us… In these cases, Love is always the key that opens every lock, or Aloha, as the Hawaiians say.

We should never be afraid of change. And if there is something that makes us feel bad, we must have the courage to let it go. Likewise, if there is something that makes us feel good, we must have the courage to pursue it and make it happen in our lives.

  • To fully enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, forever free from fears and worries
  • To raise our vibration so that we consciously experience all the Joy that is ours on a daily basis
  • Choosing responsibly and consciously managing the manifestation of our reality
  • To live freely, rejecting conditioning and “negative” influences, realising the connections of our reality
  • To experience the perfection that surrounds us and in which we are immersed, using it to make our lives joyful.

Welcome to the centre for spiritual development and healing of the soul and body. Heal your life!” –🧡

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