6 wellness practices to help you live a calmer and better life

6 wellness practices to help you live. If you’re wondering what to do to feel better, we’ve discovered wellness practices that will change your life. And now that we belong to the wellness generation, which seeks health not only on the treadmill in the gym, but also believes in an interconnected, emotional and inclusive balance, wellness has become the key to facing reality and rediscovering contact with nature and ourselves. Want to know what these practices are? Read on!

We all know the consequences of excessive screen time. The iPhone itself helps us control the time we spend on apps. What we need is to restore sensory stimulation through contact with natural elements. A sensory experience is a time to escape and recharge.

Simple routes that require a proper effort to practice alone or in company, with presence and mental awareness, focusing on simple breathing exercises.

With over 11.4 million views on TikTok, Intuitive Movement is an approach to fitness that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It encourages all forms of physical activity aimed at well-being, changing the way we look at training and unrealistic fitness goals

 wellness practices

While the internet is a source of bad news, it is also full of ways to deal with negativity….

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