How to start loving yourself and others?

How to start loving yourself and others? For those people who have tried to change their way of thinking but seem to be stuck and can’t move. Can you give them some advice?”.

I don’t think they tried and got stuck. I think they just didn’t try. Because if you practice it even a little bit, change comes. There is a simple exercise that I advise everyone. And some people say it’s so stupid, so stupid.

But I ask them to look in the mirror immediately after waking up, look themselves in the eyes, say their name and say:

loving yourself

It’s hard to start with this, but if you don’t give up and keep repeating these life-affirming words, it will bring amazing results. Life truly loves you. But if you don’t love yourself, then it is very difficult for life to give you something good, because you build a wall. But when you learn to love yourself for who you are, you just love every moment.

We were small and loved ourselves, and then we started listening to other people. That we are not so good, that we did something wrong. And we decided that we are not really good. That’s when we got confused. But we can return to the moment when we just adored, just loved, just rejoiced.

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