Decide to be happy now

Decide to be happy now. The angels have heard you and are answering your prayers. Instead of waiting for happiness in an uncertain future, you must decide to be happy now. One way to do this is to focus on everyone and everything that makes you feel grateful. What are the good things going on in your life?

The healing energy that you can receive from God will help you in this situation (just ask Him for it).

be happy now
  • Heal or leave an unhealthy situation;
  • Do not be dramatic;
  • Good changes are coming;
  • Write a letter of thanks;
  • Keep positive thoughts about this situation;
  • Let love into your heart;
  • Don’t blame yourself or others;
  • Do as much as you can to make your dreams come true;
  • Allow yourself to change your life for the better;
Щоденник подяки допоможе вам у щоденних роздумах

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A gratitude diary will help you in your daily reflections and allow you to set a positive direction for the day in the morning…

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