“Love is …” 7 things that make up true love

Love is …True love is the best feeling there is. It grabs us, pulls us in, clouds our heads and turns our lives upside down. When it is reciprocated, it makes us happier than almost anything else in the world.

Of course there are many shades of love. Including those that can’t really be called true love. For example, the possessive and marked by jealousy. Or love, where there is always a calculation of how much you give and how much you get in return.

Here are seven things that make love true and great:

If you really love, you don’t find a counter. You don’t pay attention to what you receive from your partner in a relationship and what you invest yourself. You don’t care because it is more important to you that the other person is happy. It is even more important than your own happiness.

Love is …

There are people who expect their partner to be responsible for their happiness, good mood and life. And who also make their partner feel responsible for their well-being. But true love does not put the partner under so much pressure.

Those who truly love accept others as they are. With all their quirks and peculiarities. Even if your own expectations may differ from your partner’s on one point or another, you let him be the way he is instead of trying to bend him. You love him as he is and not some ideal image you have of him that he doesn’t really match.

In fact, some people believe that jealousy is an inevitable part of loving someone. But that is total nonsense. Jealousy has a lot to do with our own fears and possessiveness.

What is it about love? Those who truly love let their loved ones be free to do whatever they feel is important to them. After all, you can never own a person, not even because you love them.

Those who truly love do not take their other half for granted. Rather, they pay attention to their partner and are attentive, listening and interested, even after years. Admittedly, this is not always easy, because the monstrous “routine” is omnipresent.

Of course, everyone should be treated with respect. Unfortunately, we don’t always do that, even with the person closest to us. A lack of respect in a relationship means: letting go, taking the other for granted, attacking them with bad affection or criticising them unfairly.

Lovers should meet at eye level, both should be equally strong in the relationship in their own way. If either of them is constantly treated unfairly, sooner or later they will run away. Love is impossible without respect.

If you really love someone, sometimes you get by without things that are important to you. We’re not talking about bending over and denying yourself. It’s about the fact that you are ready to do without, if it helps the other person.

We said we’d focus on romantic love, but we also said we’d help you find your love – which means we have to mention another type of love – self-love! You see, it’s incredibly hard to find love without loving yourself first, and even harder to keep it.

Loving yourself and who you are means that when you fall in love with someone, you will do so because of an attraction to that person, their traits, beauty (inner and outer) and personality, not because you are using them to cover up your own insecurities. Loving yourself means being less needy and less demanding in a relationship, which leads to a much healthier relationship that is filled with even more – you guessed it – love. So know why love is important, love yourself, and the rest, we promise, will fall into place.

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