This technique will turn your life around in an incredible way

The gratitude technique. I understand perfectly well that I am grateful to the higher powers for supporting me. I am grateful to my family. I am grateful to my parents. I am grateful to all my partners of the opposite sex who have been in my life for

I am grateful to them for helping me transform. I am grateful to all my friends and enemies of both sexes. I respect and love them. And the question comes to my mind, please tell me, are you grateful to yourself?

The gratitude technique

Are you truly and sincerely grateful to yourself. Do you love yourself truly and sincerely. What I am grateful for. The only person we should be grateful to in this life is ourselves. Just for being us. I felt everything around me changing. Because I am grateful to myself for being me. To say I am grateful to myself for what I am, to feel.

  1. to depress yourself;
  2. you will stop denying yourself;
  3. you will stop feeling ashamed of yourself;
  4. you will never present or reject yourself;
  5. you will stop blaming yourself, because how can you suppress, deny, shame, blame and blame your loved one, that is, yourself;

When you thank yourself, you begin to sincerely love everyone around you, through self-love, through gratitude to yourself.

Today, there is an increasing need to deal with stress, it is described as an enemy, as a cause of physical illness and psychological disorders, all of which is partly true and certainly a cause for concern, but we must not forget the true nature of stress…

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