The inner child of the soul: why it is important not to ignore your desires

The inner child of the soul. How does the traumatised inner child manifest itself? A number of symptoms include a constant lack of strength and energy, even if you just wake up in the morning, apathy, lack of ideas, lack of aspirations and desires, and a lack of understanding of your true desires. The inner child is responsible for our sincere desires, whims, creative ideas, and flight of fancy. That’s why today we’re going to look at why it’s important to make friends with it.

Our dreams, the fulfilment of which is not directly related to ourselves, are the child’s wishes. The incentive to earn money also comes from it. Not everyone has a happy and creative inner child. It can often be traumatised.

The needs of the inner child are simple:

  • care,
  • love,
  • Entertainment,
  • security,
  • Hugs,
  • Warning,
  • recognition,
  • unconditional acceptance.
The inner child of the soul
  • “What you want is wrong.”
  • “You can’t just want something.”
  • “You don’t know what you want, we know better what is good for you.”
  • “You can’t want too much, you have to limit your desires.”
  • “You can’t get angry, shout, cry, laugh out loud.”
  • “Only idlers rest a lot”,
  • “You can’t make mistakes.”
  • “You’re going to drive me crazy with your antics.”

How to work with your inner child? How do you find the way to your true needs and desires?

Accepting yourself without trends and ideals: how to love yourself sincerely and unconditionally

What programmes do you have from your parents? From the list above, you need to write out what resonated with you and analyse each one separately.

At the end, you should write that you don’t want to go with these guidelines anymore, because you deserve more and have the right to choose to want and also to dream!

For a few weeks, until you are in steady contact with your inner child, ask yourself several times a day:

How do I feel now?

What do I want for myself now?

What do I not want?

What am I thinking now?

You should write these thoughts down in notes and adjust your actions and planning depending on the answers.

You need to allocate 10-30% of your income every month to the desires of your inner child so that you have an incentive to earn money, because it comes from your inner child. If you don’t spend money on your inner child’s desires, then there will be no aspirations to grow. This is a very important point!

Our inner child is about recklessness, risk, and vital interest. You need to keep a diary or some notes where you write down your recklessness – something you were not allowed to do, but really wanted to.

It is imperative that you fulfil these reckless desires every month or once in a while in order to nourish yourself. You cannot ignore the needs of your inner child because it is part of your subpersonality.

The consequences of such actions will be the corresponding state. You don’t change your life, you don’t develop and you don’t take risks. Life becomes quite bland. In fact, you are serving other people’s desires, expectations and fears, and as a result, you are not living your own life.

Do you feel that the world is a place of pain and suffering, where things are getting worse every year in a spiral of destruction and hatred?…

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