Autogenic training, method – Schultz training is aimed at your own psychophysical well-being.

Autogenic training, method – Schultz training is aimed at your own psychophysical well-being. Do you want to learn about a technique that can induce physical and mental relaxation? Then read on, because in this article we will talk about autogenic training, which emerged in the 1990s from the research of the German psychiatrist J.H. Schultz. Autogenic training means “self-generated training”, precisely because those who practice it are focused on their own psychophysical well-being.

Relaxation techniques of autogenic training are aimed at achieving a state of calm through certain exercises.

Autogenic training can be practiced alone or in a group, and is carried out according to the instructions of a voice guide who helps you perform specific relaxation exercises for the lower and upper body.

Can I do autogenic training on my own? Yes, you can, if you take care of a few basic things. The benefits of autogenic training are many, but it is important to be in a calm and peaceful environment and wear comfortable clothes before you start.

method - Schultz training
  • Supine: This is the recommended position for beginners. The arms should be stretched along the body, the elbows slightly bent, the legs extended with the feet outwards, and the head slightly raised.
  • Sitting position: involves the use of a chair with armrests for support and a high backrest for the head.
  • Chariot pose: the least suitable for beginners. It consists of sitting on a bench or stool, keeping your back straight, arms down, and head perpendicular to your knees, without leaning forward on your hips.
training exercises method - Schultz training
  • muscles;
  • blood vessels;
  • the heart;
  • breathing;
  • abdominal organs;
  • Head.

The autogenic training technique includes six exercises that you should perform on your own. They are also known as lower body exercises of autogenic training because they are aimed at the body. Autogenic training also includes upper exercises aimed at relaxing the mind. Initially, Schultz’s autogenic training began with a calming exercise, which is not present in later approaches.

We learn to concentrate on the sensations of the body. These exercises are very simple and anyone can do them easily.

The first exercise is a weight-bearing exercise that works to relax the muscles. The person doing the exercise should focus on the thought “my body is heavy”. Starting with the feet, the feeling of heaviness spreads throughout the body up to the head. This is easily achieved if you convince yourself through concentration.

Heat exercises affect the dilation of peripheral blood vessels. The person imagines that his or her own body is getting warmer by focusing on different parts of the body, always starting with the feet and ending with the head. During these autogenic training exercises, phrases are repeated, for example, “my foot is warm”, “my hand is warm”.

This exercise affects the heart function and consolidates the state of relaxation achieved earlier. Repeat “my heart beats calmly and steadily” 5/6 times.

The fourth exercise focuses on the respiratory system and aims to breathe deeply, almost like breathing during sleep. A thought to run through your head: “My breathing is slow and deep” for 5/6 times.

In this phase, attention is drawn to the abdominal organs by repeating: “My stomach is pleasantly warm” four to five times.

The last exercise acts at the level of the brain, seeking relaxation through vasoconstriction. A thought that should occupy the mind and be repeated four or five times: “My forehead feels pleasantly cool.”

If the training takes place during the day, it ends with a recovery phase, which consists of small movements to restore normal vital functions.

How many times a day should I do autogenic training? For the first few months, you can do the exercises three times a day, but later you can limit yourself to one session.

Autogenic training can also be used by people who play sports and children.

Autogenic training should be performed after waking up and before going to bed.

It is very important not to be distracted by other thoughts during this exercise. Try to focus your attention as much as possible on this exercise.

Try to feel that your right hand is really heavy or your left hand is really warm. It is very important to feel and sense the commands you give to your body. To avoid worrying about time, set a timer on your phone.

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